Tips to Achieve a Formal & Colorful Wedding

I am often asked if it’s possible to have a formal wedding that incorporates lots of color. My answer is always a resounding YES. A vibrant color palette shouldn’t take away from the formality of your big day. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind and tips to achieve a formal and colorful wedding:

All the Pretty Colors

First things first, select a color palette that reflects your style and personality while still maintaining a sense of formality. Consider colors that are bold yet elegant, such as jewel tones (deep blues, emerald greens, rich purples), metallics (gold, silver, copper), or a combination of pastel shades.

This color palette should weave its way through all the aspects of your event. Your invitations can use colorful fonts, graphics, or accents that align with your theme, but make sure the overall design remains sophisticated and elegant. Incorporate colorful details into your wedding favors, escort cards, and other small touches to tie the theme together.

Bring the Vision Together

Look for a venue that complements your concept. Grand ballrooms, historic estates, or upscale banquet halls can provide a formal backdrop for your colorful wedding. The neutral colors of such venues will make your colorful décor stand out. I think it’s a great idea to decorate your reception tables with colorful linens and use a variety of colorful flowers in your arrangements and bouquets. Incorporate colorful décor elements such as colorful drapery, chair sashes, and decorative accents. Be mindful of not overwhelming the space with too many colors; instead, choose a few key areas to focus on.

The same rings true for all wedding attire. Incorporate color into your wedding attire while keeping it formal. For example, you could choose colorful bridesmaid dresses, colorful ties or pocket squares for the groomsmen, or even a vibrantly hued sash or embroidery on your wedding gown. I think the key is to strike a balance between colorful accents and traditional formal attire.

An Elegant (and Colorful) Celebration

Additionally, you can emphasize a formal atmosphere by choosing music and entertainment that sets the tone of the event. Live bands or classical ensembles can add a touch of sophistication to the celebration. Traditional ceremonies and speeches can also emphasize the elegance of your event.

In conclusion, a colorful wedding doesn’t have to sacrifice formality. If work closely with your wedding planner and vendors, you can ensure an elegant and formal atmosphere that bursts with color and reflects your unique style. To drive the point home, check out these perfect examples of formal-meets-colorful: this post and this post on my Instagram!



Images by Amy and Stuart and John and Joseph