Tropical Destination Wedding Dos and Don’ts

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Destination beach wedding

When it comes to romantic settings, a tropical destination wedding is the ultimate, isn’t it? Golden sands, crystal blue waters, palm trees gently swaying in the breeze. Not to mention that magical carefree feeling when the sun is shining, the rum is flowing, and your guests are truly in vacay mode. But while it’s easy to get swept up in how awesome an island wedding can be, it’s also important to remember that planning one has its own set of challenges. Here are some dos and don’ts to consider when preparing for an exotic tropical destination wedding.

DO keep your guests in the loop. Right from the start, it’s important to keep guests informed of your wedding plans. Send out Save the Dates as early as possible so they’re able to book flights and time off work. Let them know about accommodation options, including group rates. Create a wedding website to give them updates on everything from dress code to activities. And of course, make sure everyone has a detailed itinerary upon arrival!

DON’T choose a location that’s (too) hard to get to. Try to select a destination and resort that are convenient for your guests. Research flights and airport transfers when making your decision to ensure that as many guests as possible are able to attend.

DO get on top of the legal requirements. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many couples forget to check the legal requirements of their exotic wedding destination ahead of time. Talk to your wedding planner as well as the local embassy if necessary to make sure your marriage will be recognized at home.

DON’T underestimate the weather. Ultimately, you can’t control the weather, but you can make sure you plan for all eventualities. Research the weather at your destination and don’t forget to consider the impact of excessive wind and heat as well as rain. For example, if you’re planning a beach ceremony, you should ensure you have a good sound system and have everything firmly secured in case of gusts. Or, in direct heat, ensure guests are hydrated and that shade is available. Again, your wedding planner will be able to advise.

DO wear clothing and accessories to suit the tropical destination. You may have been dreaming of a ballgown ever since you first saw Cinderella. But, when it comes to a tropical destination wedding, you’ll want to stick to light fabrics and simple cuts, trust me! Beach sand and heels don’t mix, so stick to sandals and leave the long veil at home. You should also consider the weather when you plan your hair and makeup, as tropical heat and humidity can cause havoc with your bridal style. Be sure to hire a professional and opt for an updo if frizz is an issue.

DON’T overdo the décor. One of the reasons you’re choosing to have an island wedding is because of the gorgeous natural beauty of the backdrop. So, why compete with it? Opt for seasonal tropical flowers and décor that highlights instead of overpowers the setting. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t have bright colors and fun, personal details! Just make sure that whatever you choose fits the style of the venue.

DO make your guests feel extra welcome. Your guests have gone out of their way to be with you on your wedding day. So, the least you can do is make them feel special and welcome! For example, have the resort greet them with a special cocktail and place a custom welcome bag in their rooms. Little touches like handwritten thank you notes mean a lot.

DON’T waste the opportunity for some fun group activities. One of the best parts of having a destination wedding is getting to spend quality time with your loved ones. Be sure to plan fun outings, activities, and events in the days leading up to the wedding. For example, a boat cruise is always a fun idea! Just be sure to give guests some ‘free time’ to spend as they like – after all, this is their vacation too!

Are you considering a tropical destination wedding for your big day?