Kylie Skin Launch Corporate Event

Using Color to Infuse Your Brand into a Corporate Event

A corporate event is a wonderful opportunity to reinforce your brand. Whether it’s a launch party, an installation, a pop-up event, or a virtual one, it’s a great way to stand out from the crowd and really leave an imprint on your clients’ minds. And there’s no better way for your audience to experience your brand than to really immerse them in it. This kind of design strategy goes beyond merely showing off your logo to create an interactive branding experience. Every design detail enhances your brand message, from top to bottom. One of the best ways to achieve this is to weave your brand colors into the décor in fresh and creative ways.

This is true whether you’re hosting a socially distanced in-person event or a virtual one. For the former, where safety protocols are a must, branding can be incorporated into everything from face masks and hand sanitizers to floor markings and signage. For virtual events, every point of contact counts even more. Make the most of pre-event branding like invitations and registration packs. Provide speakers with custom backdrops and clothing. Create branded Zoom backdrops for smaller virtual meetings, as well as fun social media extras like Instagram stickers. It’s also a good idea to follow up any virtual event with branded gifts to VIPs, to reinforce the brand message.

Kylie Skin Launch Corporate Event Kylie Skin Launch Corporate Event Kylie Skin Launch Corporate Event

Kylie Skin Launch Corporate Event

If any in-person corporate event used color to epitomize a brand it was the launch of Kylie Skin in 2019. The hit line uses sleek, minimalist, all-pink branding. So of course, we had to create an all-pink event! With clean lines and a modern aesthetic, it really felt like guests were inside the product packaging itself. Pedestals held oversized versions of the new products, and even the food followed the color scheme. For example, pink pizza boxes and French fry holders, pink ice cream cones – even pink sushi! The dance floor was an all-pink roller skating rink, with a skate-up bar serving pink cocktails.

Ole Henriksen Corporate Event Ole Henriksen Corporate Event Ole Henriksen Corporate Event

Ole Henriksen Corporate Event

Another good example was the colorful corporate event we created for cult skincare brand, Ole Henriksen. The space was turned into a tropical paradise crossed with a Club 54 disco vibe, with lots of bold greenery and neon touches. When it came to choosing the palette, we were inspired directly by the instantly recognizable Ole Henriksen product packaging, with its bright blocks of green, blue, fuschia, orange, and green. Using the same colors for this corporate event allowed us to infuse the brand into the décor in a truly memorable way.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Corporate Event

Too Faced Sweet Peach Corporate Event

And I can’t forget our corporate event for the launch of Too Faced Cosmetics’ much-anticipated Sweet Peach collection. A fun, young brand inspired by unabashed girliness, Too Faced lends itself to whimsy. We went all-in on the peach theme of the collection, transforming an industrial space into a larger-than-life garden. It included ladders, wheelbarrows, and of course, peach trees. The entire room was washed with peach lighting and decorated with peach and white blooms.

How can you use your brand or product colors to give your guests an unforgettable immersive experience at your next corporate event?


Images: John and Joseph Photography Inc. (top and center); Dennis Kwan Photography (bottom)