Valentine’s Date Night Ideas for the Newly Engaged

Who doesn’t love a holiday about love?! But for engaged couples, it can come with a lot of pressure. Now that you’ve found each other and promised to spend your life together, it should be the most romantic night of your lives, right? Unfortunately, expectations that high often lead to disappointment, especially if a maxed-out wedding budget means a fancy spa day or gourmet restaurant is out. The good news is that Valentine’s Day can be a welcome chance to check out of wedding planning and reconnect with each other. (That’s right, rule number one is no wedding planning!) And you certainly don’t need to spend a lot of money to do it (or even leave the house if you don’t want to). Here are some creative Valentine’s Day date ideas for you to try in the midst of wedding planning.

Have a candlelight picnic. Although the weather outside is frightful, an indoor picnic is delightful! Instead of going out for dinner, lay out a blanket, switch off your phones, put together a spread of all your favorite foods (or order in) and enjoy!

Get active. Do something that gets your hearts racing. For example, take a hike together, hire a tandem bicycle, hit the gym or try rock climbing. It doesn’t matter what you do – just enjoying being together – it’s where the best memories are made.

Get your skates on. There’s a reason why there’s a skating scene in every Hallmark movie! It’s all about holding hands, giggling as you try to stay upright and enjoying a welcome cup of hot cocoa after.

Breakfast for dinner in bed. Everyone loves breakfast in bed and everyone loves breakfast food for dinner! Combine the two with your latest Netflix binge and you have the perfect snugly date night.

Make a fondue. Not only is fondue delicious, it also has aphrodisiac qualities. Whether it’s cheese or chocolate, feeding each other fondue can be so much fun.

Go down memory lane. Make a video of the two of you recounting the story of how you met. It’ll be a precious keepsake for you and your family to watch on Valentine’s Days to come.

Plan a scavenger hunt. Leave clues around your house or apartment for your partner to find. The last clue could lead to a gift – or to the bedroom!

The key to a romantic Valentine’s Day isn’t in extravagance, but in spending quality time with your sweetie. Enjoy!