Wedding Ideas for a Winter White Wonderland

A winter white wedding can be a stunning and elegant affair, with the crisp white snow and the beauty of the season serving as a perfect backdrop for your special day. Here are some decoration ideas to create a magical winter wonderland for your wedding:

Create a Winter Wonderland

Embrace a color palette of white and silver for a clean and elegant look. To add a bit of contrast and color, consider using pale ice blue or light gray as accent colors in your décor. This can evoke a frosty, winter feeling.

Use white drapery to create a soft and romantic ambiance. Hanging sheer white curtains or fabric from the ceiling can truly transform your venue into a winter wonderland. Opt for white tablecloths and napkins to keep the overall look clean and monochromatic. You can add white chair covers for an elegant touch. (Check out these additional ways to Include White in your All White Wedding.)

Incorporate lots of white candles in various sizes to add a warm and cozy glow to the décor. You can place them in glass lanterns or floating candle bowls for an enchanting effect.

Make Every Moment Insta-Worthy

Set up photo areas with snow-covered backgrounds or winter-themed props like sleds, skis, or faux fur blankets. Decorate the ceremony and reception areas with faux snow or white confetti to mimic a snowy setting. You can also sprinkle it on tables as a decorative element.

Bring The Outside Inside

Decorate the venue with white, bare trees or branches to mimic a winter forest. Hang crystal ornaments or white twinkle lights on them for a magical effect. Use white flowers such as roses, lilies, and orchids in your bouquets and centerpieces. You can also incorporate branches with white blossoms or spray-painted white for a snowy effect.

Let it Snow

Incorporate snowflakes into your décor through items like table runners, place cards, and cake toppers. Ice sculptures can be a unique addition to your winter wedding décor. They can be carved into various shapes, such as hearts, snowflakes, or even the couple’s initials.

Keep it Toasty

Create a cozy beverage station with hot cocoa, mulled wine, and other warm drinks to keep your guests comfortable. Utilize crystal glasses to reflect light and create a winter sparkle in each of your guests’ hands.

Send the Snowflakes Home

Use personalized snow globes as centerpieces to bring a touch of winter magic to each table. Here’s the best part: You can send the snow globes home with your guests as a wedding favor! You can also use snowflake-shaped ornaments as favors. It’s the perfect way to send your guests home with snowy memories that will be recalled for winters to come.

Use these wedding ideas for a winter white wonderland and your winter white wedding is sure to be a magical and memorable event.



Images by Lauren and Abby Ross Photography and Amy and Stuart Photography