Wedding Inspiration: The Royal Coronation

A truly historic moment! The Royal Coronation of 2023 has left the world buzzing in more ways than one. However, we here always love to view events through the lens of wedding inspiration. Oftentimes trends will come and pass but looking for wedding inspiration through the Royal Coronation will influence decisions both big and small for years to come. Read on for my thoughts and how to incorporate tasteful nods to the coronation through your wedding design.


Wearing your ‘Sunday Best’ is par for the course when it comes to a royal affair. True royalty and your wedding, of course! It cannot be missed that Kate Middleton, Duchess of Wales, was a vision of beauty and wore Alexander McQueen to the coronation. Her gown was long, white, and bedecked with floral embroidery. I can’t quite think of anything more bridal! The fashion house has strong ties to bridal fashion with both ready-to-wear pieces and couture. Additionally, you can move beyond taking designer inspiration from the Royal Coronation and lean into bold cuts and splashes of color. The red, white, and blue are bold and striking– perhaps not the most bridal. That is to say, I have seen a strong trend move toward vivid and strong color palettes as wedding inspiration and I believe the eye-catching hues on display at the Royal Coronation will continue to influence more courageous choices in wedding design.


One of my favorite pieces of wedding inspiration from the Royal Coronation comes from Kate Middleton’s headpiece. She steered from a traditional tiara and donned a custom headpiece that gave graceful yet powerful vibes. The ornate twining of olive branches almost feels Grecian. I expect to see a return of flower-adorned hair. And the coordinating version worn by Princess Charlotte is a beautiful way to take inspiration from the coronation for your wedding day. If pronounced jewelry isn’t your style, take wedding inspiration from the floral embroidery on the ladies’ gowns. Rose, thistle, daffodil, and shamrock motifs made their debut.


Family and tradition. While we watched with bated breath, I had the striking realization that this is still a family. Yes, their daily responsibilities differ from ours but for every large celebration, event, gathering…they’re a family who takes root in tradition. Take inspiration from the Royal Coronation, and the Royal Family in general, to weave it into your wedding celebration with a focus on family and togetherness. I would not be surprised to find some traditional wedding ideas, like a veil covering the face, to have an uptick in the coming months as a nod to the more formal elements we watched unfold.

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in one’s life. Inspiration flows and strikes from one moment to the next! If you’re planning a Spring wedding, I have compiled a list of favorite flowers for you to consider. And I look forward to seeing how the Royal Coronation inspires weddings for years to come.




Image by John & Joseph Photography