My Ultimate Wedding Thank You Note Guidelines

 wedding-thank-you-note-guidelineIf your wedding is on the horizon, chances are you’ve received a lot of gifts in the mail already. Your registry items are getting checked off one by one and you have a lot of generous people to thank. This task can seem daunting if you leave it all to the last minute. Instead, keep a spreadsheet to organize what you’ve done and haven’t done and write your thank you notes as your gifts arrive. You’ll thank me for it! But what do you say? How do you express your gratitude for such a special gift?

Here are my wedding thank you note guidelines to let loved ones know you care.

1. Talk about the gift. Keeping track of who sent what comes in handy when you write your thank you notes. Mention the gift they sent and describe how you’ll use it, how it makes you feel or something personal about how much you love the item.

2. Reference your relationship. Now is a good time to reflect on your relationship with the person who sent the gift. Show your appreciation for their friendship, love or support or express your gratitude that you’ve gotten to know, spend time with or work with the person. Show them you care not only about the gift but about them too.

3. Speak from the heart. When words escape you, you can never go wrong when speaking from the heart.

4. Mention the upcoming big day or next time you hope to see them. If the thank you note is going out before the wedding, express your excitement to see them on the big day or perhaps at another upcoming holiday or event “soon.”

And remember, put a pen to paper. Nothing says thanks like a pretty piece of snail mail. Don’t email, text or phone in your thank you, send it the old-fashioned way.



Image by Dennis Kwan.