How Weddings Are Changing in 2022

Although weddings are back in full swing again, there’s no doubt that the last two years have had a major impact on the way we celebrate. It’s an impact we’re likely to see for some time. In some ways, what couples want is a return to tradition, as they embrace the kind of wedding that wasn’t an option in 2020. On the other hand, I’m also seeing couples throw the rules out and completely reimagine their day their way. And in between these two extremes, there are a few wider trends that demonstrate just how weddings are changing in 2022 and beyond. Here are just a few of them.

Destination weddings are back. One of the biggest ways that weddings are changing in 2022 is that destination weddings are making a very welcome return. And after so much time spent away from family and friends, couples are squeezing the most out of every second of their time together. That means planning activities and events before and after the big day. But, even though I love a far-flung destination wedding, you don’t have to go far to enjoy some of the same experiences. I’m also seeing lots of couples planning destination or destination-style weddings closer to home.

Wide-open spaces. A trend across the events industry is more generous use of space and bigger dance floors in particular. Of course, this is partly a practical solution to safety regulations. But I think we’ll be seeing more spaced-out seating and socializing for some time. Outdoor settings are, of course, perfect for this. However, clever styling can also make it work beautifully for tents and indoor spaces. One trick is to have a huge, impactful floral display to act as a focal point.

Curated guest lists. During 2020 and 2021, couples had to think carefully (and sometimes think again and again!) about their guest list priorities. Even without restrictions on numbers, many have chosen to keep their ceremony and reception intimate and focus on the people that matter most to them. Along with this comes an increased focus on the guest experience and making it as special as possible. Think: carefully selected welcome gifts, experiential cuisine, wow-factor entertainment, etc.

The end of wedding season. Not so long ago, the vast majority of couples were looking for a spring or summer wedding. Even before 2020, this had started to change. But now, with so many weddings booked for the next two years, even more couples have had to broaden their horizons and consider cold-weather celebrations. I can’t wait to see and plan many more magical late fall and winter weddings in the years to come.

Ceremony-centered celebrations. Over the last two years, couples have refocused on what a wedding (and a marriage) really means. This has brought about a renewed focus on the ceremony, from the words and rituals to the décor. Live streaming of the ceremony is also likely to continue for some time so that guests who aren’t able to attend can witness the vows.

Of course, these are just a few of the ways that weddings are changing in 2022. Time will tell for the rest!


Image by Jose Villa