What to Do With Your Wedding Photos

When planning a wedding, photography is often one of a couple’s biggest decisions. And so it should be! Everyone wants the dreamiest images of their special day to keep forever. Also, your wedding is probably one of the few times you’ll have professional photographs taken of you looking at your best, surrounded by those you love the most. After the wedding, couples wait in anticipation to see their pictures, and pore over them together, memorizing every detail. But what happens beyond sharing your favorites on social media? Unfortunately for many, not much. These treasured photographs often live on a hard drive or USB, and never make it into your hands or home. It’s such a shame, and it doesn’t have to be that way! So here are some ideas for what to do with your wedding photos after the big day.

Album or photo book. Create an album of printed photos or a photo book and display it on your coffee table, where guests are more likely to thumb through it. (You could also make a second copy to keep pristine!)

Wall art. There are so many ways to display your wedding photos as art! For example, traditional frames and canvas prints, as well as printing them on metal and wood.

Digital frames or Apple TV. Loading your pictures into a digital album is a great way to see a variety of pictures on rotation without turning your home into a shrine to the wedding. You can even rotate your photos on the TV from time to time.

Thank you cards. Your wedding thank you cards are a great opportunity to share photos with your guests.

Gifts. There are a lot of people to thank after a wedding, including family members. Gift parents and grandparents with framed photographs or photo books that they will treasure. Or print a picture on a custom wine label and use it as a gift.

Electronics cases and covers. You use them all day, every day, so why not adorn your tech with a favorite image?

Desk calendar. A calendar is a great addition to your office desk and will make you smile, even when you have the Monday blues!

Fridge magnets. Turning photographs into fridge magnets is a fun way to liven up your fridge (and hold the shopping list!).

Charms. If you like wearing charm bracelets, bangles or necklaces, you can have a photo turned into a pretty charm that keeps the memory close and could be a lovely heirloom.

Holiday accessories. If you celebrate Christmas, why not add a custom ornament to the tree to honor your first year as Mr and Mrs? Wedding photos can also be used for holiday cards and even personalized stockings.

Luggage tags. What a great way to celebrate the start of your marriage adventure by using a custom luggage tag for whenever you travel the world together.

There are so many creative options, so get printing, you’ll be glad you did.



Image via Shutterfly