Your Best Labor Day White Party

They say that you’re not to wear white after Labor Day. Well, we think limits are meant to be pushed. Of course, fashion and cultural traditions are nice guidelines. They tend to keep some semblance of expectation and predictability. However, there is also a time to bend the rules a bit. Besides, we’re always looking forward to a celebration! Summer may be winding down but that doesn’t mean the gatherings must slow until the holiday season. Start preparing for your best Labor Day White Party yet with this roundup of ideas!

Dress Code

Easy, but truly effective! One of the biggest ways to make this Labor Day celebration stand out is by including a dress code in your invitation. Encourage your guests to wear shades of white– we love to see everything from a crisp cool-toned white to creamy ivory. Almost everyone looks great in the color family and the weather allows for all sorts of styles to shine.

As the host, feel free to make a statement! Above all, make sure you’re comfortable and dress how you feel most confident. Maybe that’s a floor-grazing maxi dress with metallic dainty lace-up sandals or an optic-white strapless pantsuit with statement earrings. Don’t shy away from bringing in pops of color or pattern with your accessories. A bold red lip or cherry red statement shoe will give the perfect Americana influence in a sea of white.


It’s a Labor Day White Party…so you’d expect nothing less than beautiful white decor. Whether you’re hosting in your home or at a private venue, choose a theme and dive in. Oftentimes we think of backyard celebrations, which are here to stay and we love! But we’re also fans of changing the pace and leaning into a modern twist, too. Use this modern setting as inspiration for your Labor Day White Party decor! No matter the style, make sure you have ample seating, shade, and entertainment areas to host your guests. Because the weather is still likely to be warm, make sure there are plenty of refreshments available if a large portion of your celebration is outdoors. Maybe even have parasols for guests to use while chatting in the sunshine.

All White Event Decor

Interactive Entertainment

Encourage your guests to mingle and have fun with one another! One way to make your Labor Day White Party one to remember is by having interactive elements throughout the event. We’ve seen the reemergence of the disposable camera (as well as Polaroids for instant gratification!) It is so fun and satisfying to take a snap and have it in your hands instantly. Plus, they make great mementos stashed in a clutch to be looked back on fondly. If your summer soiree is more casual, giant Jenga or Connect Four are great backyard games. Look at this Fourth of July-themed blog post for some tips on hosting outdoors. This is also a perfect time to bring out the custom monogrammed cornhole boards to spark friendly competition. If games aren’t necessarily your style, try a cooking competition. Invite some guests to bring different dishes and let the others place their vote for a winner. How about a blind-tasting cookie competition?

Keep the social season snappy and plan your own Labor Day White Party. With these tips, it will become an annual tradition!



Images by Vivien Killilea and Jose Villa