2022 Wedding Ideas

After a challenging couple of years, the wedding boom is here! As 2022 gets going, there’s a real sense of hope and renewed excitement, a feeling of celebration. Couples can’t wait to finally have that wedding of their dreams, to get their family and friends all together again, to drink champagne and hug and stay on the dance floor all night long. Party mode: on! But along with this jubilance comes a sense of appreciation, a reinforcement of core values, and a wish to create a wedding that’s highly personal and sentimental. Mix all of this together with a few trends from fashion, film, and technology and you have the 2022 wedding ideas that are taking the events world by storm. I’ve picked a few of the ones to watch!

Read on for my top 2022 wedding ideas and trends.

’80s music. The 1990s might be the decade making the biggest impact on bridal fashion right now, but when it comes to music, it’s all about the ’80s. From Madonna to Whitney Houston to Billy Idol and A-Ha, these retro jams are getting guests of all ages up and on to the dance floor. And I’m not only seeing couples choose ’80s tunes for their party playlist – classics like Berlin’s ‘Take My Breath Away’ and Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” also make great choices for a first dance. You could even include ’80s music into your décor in fun ways. For example, cassette tape escort cards, mixtape favors, or MTV videos projected onto a wall in your lounge area.

Renewed focus on the table. Over the last few years, the focus has very much been on the ceiling when it comes to wedding reception décor. For example, hanging floral installations, intricate chandeliers, even upside-down floating wedding cakes. For 2022, we’re bringing our focus back down to the table itself. It’s all about curating a beautiful tabletop using flowers (or fruits and vegetables), crockery, glassware, stationery, linens, and other details. These elements will be in front of your guests throughout the event, so why not make them the showstopper?

Garden ceremonies. Requests for garden weddings have soared over the last year and I’m seeing couples opting for garden ceremonies. Not only do they embrace the open-air environment (with its enhanced safety), they have that gorgeously refined-but-casual feel to them. There’s so much you can do, whether it’s a classic English ‘secret garden’ theme or a bolder Bridgerton-inspired vibe. Garden ceremonies also flow naturally into outdoor or tented receptions, or into an indoor space filled with flowers and greenery for that ‘inside-out’ feeling.

Non-traditional wedding ceremony music. Along with the rise of mini-monies, I saw couples placing more emphasis on their wedding ceremonies over the past year. Along with that, came an increased interest in ceremony décor, personalized vows, and unique readings and music. It’s all about expressing yourselves as a couple on the biggest day of your lives together and to do that, you shouldn’t have to stick to the same list of classic pieces. Whether you choose something modern or from another era, it should mean something to you or set a mood. If you want the perfect fusion of the two, embrace another Bridgerton-inspired wedding trend and choose a classical rendition of a recent chart-topper.

Tequila bars. Step aside, gin! Tequila is the new cool kid in town when it comes to satellite bars for your wedding. It’s all about the experience, and tequila is an unabashed party starter. Have a variety of brands as well as a mix of garnishes like sugar, salt, lime, and pineapple wedges.

So what if none of these 2022 wedding ideas float your boat? Don’t be afraid to blaze your own trail and come up with ideas that are right for you!


Image by Norman & Blake