Before You Book: Things to Consider When Planning a Winter Wedding

Planning a winter wedding can be a magical and unique experience, but it also comes with some specific challenges and considerations. Here are some things to consider when planning a winter wedding:

Plan Early

While winter weddings are less popular than summer weddings, that doesn’t mean you have ample time to find a venue. Winter venues are always in demand for holiday celebrations. Book vendors and your venue well in advance to secure your desired date and services. Also, keep in mind that winter weather can affect travel plans for guests. Be sure to provide information on local hotels and transportation options in your invitations.

Choose a Versatile Venue

You’ll want to choose a venue that can accommodate indoor ceremonies and receptions in case of inclement weather. It’s essential to have a backup plan for outdoor weddings. Consider venues with cozy and warm settings, like historic houses, rustic barns, or elegant ballrooms. Be prepared for cold weather – rustic barns can get drafty! Ensure your guests are comfortable by providing heaters, blankets, and hot drinks if necessary.

Challenges of the Season

Consider the winter color palette, such as deep blues, silvers, whites, and rich reds. If you or your fiancĂ© don’t look your best in these hues, maybe a winter wedding isn’t for you.

Winter days are shorter, so make sure your venue has good lighting for both your ceremony and reception. Consider candles, string lights, and other warm and ambient lighting options. Communicate with your photographer about the unique lighting challenges of a winter wedding. Make sure they have experience shooting in low-light conditions.

It’s also important to note that many flowers are not in bloom during the winter. However, options like roses, amaryllis, and evergreen branches for your floral arrangements always look lovely.

Keep Those Toes Toasty

It’s important that you dress appropriately for the weather. Consider long-sleeved wedding dresses, shawls, or capes for you and your bridesmaids. Grooms and groomsmen may want to wear heavier suits. Remember to wear warm footwear and accessories if you’re planning on outdoor photos.

Cozy Catering

When planning the menu, serve warm and comforting food and drinks. Think about a hot cocoa bar, mulled wine, or a soup station. To keep a cohesive theme throughout the event, you’ll definitely want a winter-themed wedding cake, like a snowflake or winter floral design.

‘Tis the Season

Impress your guests and embrace the winter season by incorporating seasonal activities like ice skating, sleigh rides, or a winter wonderland photo booth. Have some fun with your winter theme and gift winter-themed wedding favors like personalized mittens, snow globes, or warm blankets for your guests.

Remember, there are lots of things to consider when planning a winter wedding, but if done correctly, a winter wedding can be truly enchanting and memorable. Embrace the beauty and charm of the season while being prepared for the challenges that come with it. Planning ahead and paying attention to details will help you create a magical winter wedding day.

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Images by Amy Stuart Photography and KT Merry