Fall Wedding Centerpieces your Guests Will Love

I love fall weddings for the season’s rich colors, textures, and natural elements. They are a wonderful opportunity to embrace the season and theme your wedding in earth tones and organic elements, starting with your centerpieces. Your centerpieces are something your guests will spend a lot of time looking at during your reception, so here are some ideas for seasonal wedding centerpieces your guests will totally fall for.

Keep it Organic

Autumn brings all kinds of organic elements to work with. Adorn your reception tables with some living designs. Create mini succulent gardens in decorative containers or terrariums. Add fall-themed elements (like tiny ceramic mushrooms) for a whimsical touch.

Create a colorful leafy table runner with branches and berries. You can intersperse candles, small pumpkins, and gourds along the runner for a natural and seasonal look. Or, tie bundles of dried wheat together with twine or ribbon for a harvest-inspired centerpiece. Feature seasonal flowers like sunflowers, dahlias and mums. Hollow out small gourds and use them as pumpkin vases. You can paint or carve the pumpkins to match your color scheme.

Tangible Textures

For me, fall brings to mind visions of back-to-school and crunchy, colorful leaves. Stack vintage books as a base for your centerpiece and arrange pinecones or acorns on top. Wrap mason jars with burlap, lace or twine and fill them with fall blooms and eucalyptus for a rustic feel.

Odds are, your fall wedding will feature some seasonal flavors like apples, pears or pumpkins. Feature these in small wooden crates or vintage boxes at the center of your table. And there’s always the iconic cornucopia. Fill these horn-shaped baskets with fall greenery, flowers, figs or other fruits.

Lovely Lights

Incorporate candlelit lanterns with autumn-colored candles for a cozy and romantic atmosphere. Add leaves, acorns, or pinecones around the base for an extra touch of fall. If you can acquire some live-edge wooded platters, place them in the center of each table and arrange candles, lanterns, or vases on top. This sustainable centerpiece can be ‘recycled’ and makes a great take-home gift for guests.

Mix and match any of these elements and I think you’ll create a robust seasonal vibe your guests will find warm and enchanting. If you are envisioning your wedding as more of a simple nod to the season, I’ve got some thoughts on that as well: How to Weave Fall into Your Wedding in a Subtle Way.



Images by Jose Villa and Amy and Stuart and Norman & Blake