2024 Wedding Dress Trends

The bridal market is overflowing with stunning looks for the new year of weddings, which means the dress trends are in! If you’re on the hunt for your perfect dress, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s fresh modern takes on classics or styles that step out of the “basic gown,” the new year has what you need. Here are some of the 2024 wedding dress trends.

Floral Touches 

From petite petals interwoven in lace to intricate large flowers adorning the gown skirt, florals can be seen prominently in new and trending dresses. I certainly love a floral piece, especially one that delicately weaves the design into an already beautiful look. This popular look would be especially fitting for a whimsical garden wedding!

Gown Alternatives

In the modern era of wedding fashion, gowns and dresses aren’t for everyone! New bridal fashion trends have everyone covered. From fitted jumpsuits to stylish two-piece looks, there is something to look forward to for any style or taste. The all-white jumpsuit looks trending in the new year exude feminine power and beauty.

A Dash of Color

From wedding color themes to gowns, color is trending! The traditional white gown will always be iconic, but I love this new incorporation of color into gowns. Whether it’s a subtle dash of blush or a more statement baby blue, I am ready to see more of this newest trend. Would you change up the traditional all-white and wear a colorful dress on your wedding day?

Lace is Always In

If there’s one texture you’ll always be able to find in bridal fashion, it’s lace. The ability for designers to continue to create pieces of pure art in the lace style will always leave me stunned. From multi-dimensional layered lace dresses to flowing pieces gently peppered with lace florals and designs, this look is easy to get behind.

Bows and More Bows

There is certainly no shortage of bows this upcoming bridal season and I am in love with the fun elegance they bring to each new gown. It can be anything from small bows lining the back of the gown to a large bow placed front and center. Plus, the extra pop of color on an otherwise neutral canvas draws the eye. What do you think?

Which 2024 wedding dress trends are you most excited about? If you still haven’t said yes to your dress and need some direction, check out my tips for online wedding dress shopping!



Images Courtesy of Monique Lhuillier, Kaviar Gauche, Scorcesa, Ines Di Santo, Mira Zwillinger, and Mark Ingram