5 Ways to Honor Your Kids at Your Wedding

Your wedding day is something you’ll cherish for life, and when you’re merging families, it can be a key moment for both you and your kids! Sharing that space and time with your children can be an important part of creating a life together with your partner. 

Here are some ways you can honor your kids at your wedding:

Special Roles 

One simple but meaningful way to include your kids is by assigning them important roles in your big day. Whether it’s having them join in as flower girls and ring bearers, or even creating your own unique “job” for them, this gesture can serve as a reminder to your kids that they are essential in your new shared life together. 

Unity Ceremony

Try gathering every member of your new family together for a ceremony to express the unity of each individual in your new life. One way to do this is by giving everyone their own color of sand that you pour and mix into a decorative jar. Watch as each of your sands become mixed together, symbolizing the importance of each person in your life.  Plus, with this activity, you get a special memory and something you can display in your home as a reminder that everyone is together as one!

Special Attire

When you are merging families, your kids are as much of a part of your wedding day as you. A great way to highlight your kids and show them they matter is by dressing them in special attire to match the theme of the day. This could include anything from getting mini wedding dresses and tuxes to match, or even flower crowns and boutonnieres that match the bouquets.

Family Tree

Another ceremony that can honor your kids on your wedding day is planting a symbolic family tree together. Whether it’s at your wedding venue or even at your rehearsal, this tree can become a lifelong place to cherish and visit. As your love and family continue to grow, so will a beautiful tree of your choice.

Painted Family Portrait

Painted portraits of wedding day moments are becoming increasingly popular and are a stunning way to commemorate your union. Hire a talented painter specializing in weddings and have them on-site to paint as you celebrate. By the end of the night, you’ll have a freshly painted memory to hang in your home forever.

Will you incorporate any of these ideas in your wedding? No matter what, choosing to include your kids at your wedding will become a memory for the whole family to cherish!



Images by Aaron Delesie, and John & Joseph