3 Essential Ingredients for the Perfect Baby Shower

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If you’ve been given the honor of showering the new mom (or dad), then congrats! However, you may be feeling a little anxious, especially if it’s your first time planning one of these events. Want to know the secret? Planning the perfect baby shower is like baking a cake. It takes a little time and planning, a lot of love, and most importantly, the right ingredients! If you ensure each of these three must-have elements are in place, then your party is sure to be a success.

Consider the mom-to-be first and foremost. This is by far the most important one to get right. Even though you want the guests to have a great time, the guest of honor should always be your top priority. Consider her wishes and personality when planning the event and choosing a theme, and ensure her comfort on the day. For example, some may prefer to have a party with just the ladies, while others want a mixed gender affair. Some ladies prefer to open the presents privately, while others are happy to make it the main event. Take the mom-to-be’s tastes into account when choosing the décor and try to add personal touches you know she will love. It’s her day and you want it to be one she will love. On the day, ensure she has everything she needs, including the most comfortable seat in the house, of course!

Have plenty of yummy food and drinks available. Making sure that guests are well-fed is another important element to the perfect baby shower. It doesn’t matter so much what you serve, as that it is plentiful and delicious. A grazing table or on-theme buffet works just as well as a catered meal. When planning the menu, the mom-to-be’s wishes are a good place to start, as she may have dietary restrictions. Serve a balance of decadent treats and healthy options, so that guests have plenty of choices. And don’t forget the drinks! A signature mocktail is always a fun idea!

Incorporate a game or activity. Even if traditional baby shower games are not your thing, it’s always a good idea to incorporate some kind of activity to keep guests entertained. It really is the best way to break the ice and get them mingling! The perfect baby shower activities are easy and fun. It could be anything from a game of trivia to a craft like onesie decorating, flower crown making, or a knitting station. Again, take your cue from the mom-to-be’s likes and personality!

Happy showering!



Image by Amy and Stuart