8 Great Baby Shower Gifts

Since baby shower season is upon us (must be spring in the air!) and that means it’s time for baby shower gifts. As small as a baby is, the list of gear needed is long, so baby shower gifts can make a huge difference. Especially if you’re a new mom or dad! If you’ve had a little one of your own, you probably have a pretty good idea of what to get. But otherwise, you might be a bit lost, especially if there’s no gift registry to work from. I’ve planned scores of baby showers in my years as an event planner, as well as being a mom myself. So here are eight of the best baby shower gifts to give a friend. Or, if you’re a mom-to-be, to put on a registry for yourself!

Swaddle Blankets. Ask any mom: a set of swaddle blankets is a nursery essential. Swaddling recreates that wrapped-up-tight feeling babies experience in the womb, and muslin fabric is ideal – soft, lightweight, and stretchy. Muslin blankets are also incredibly versatile, as you can use them as a nursing wrap, a burp cloth, a cover for your stroller or car seat, etc. They’re simply one of the most useful baby shower gifts around.

Bottle Warmer. Bottle warmers are one of those gifts that moms don’t absolutely need, but will make their lives so much easier to have. They help to take the guesswork out of preparing bottles, which can be a big help in frazzled moments. Especially since it’s so easy to overheat a bottle using other methods.

Milestone Blanket or Cards. Baby will probably be ‘doing it for the gram’ for at least their first year, with parents charting their progress across weeks and months. A milestone blanket or card set makes it so much easier to do these DIY mini photoshoots, making it more likely that parents will keep them up (and, as a result, have the pictures to treasure). There are so many options available in different designs and at a variety of price points.

Keepsake Book and Planner. Speaking of memories to treasure, my Baby Keepsake Book and Planner is a must for any new parents! It’s filled with checklists, advice and space to record memories. But unlike other baby books, it’s contained in a stylish binder, so you can keep or discard the pages as needed. The end result is a completely custom record of baby’s first months and years, and a very special keepsake. There’s also a special plastic pouch for odd-sized treasures like hospital bracelets.

Baby Carrier. A baby carrier is a game changer for parents, allowing them the freedom to get out and about while keeping baby safe, close, and comfortable. Choose one that’s easy to put on, comfortable, and waterproof or easy-to-clean.

Travel changing mat. Another great gift for moms and dads on the go! A travel changing mat will allow them to turn any surface into a changing table, but fold up into a compact size that can fit into a diaper bag. You can find travel mats that are personalized with baby’s name or monogram, which makes for an extra special baby shower gift.

Home-cooked meals. In the early days of parenthood, there’s not much spare time for cooking. A gift of nutritious, delicious frozen meals (or vouchers for a meal delivery service) is sure to make their first weeks a little easier!

Scented candle. That newborn baby smell? There’s nothing like it. But babies produce some less wonderful smells too. That’s one reason why a beautifully scented candle can be a great gift for the home. My fragranced candles are specifically designed to help create a relaxing environment. Great if mom or dad needs a moment of aromatherapy zen!


Image: John and Joseph Photography Inc.