4 Wedding Invitation Don’ts

Hi friends! There are a surprising amount of rules for wedding invitations – how to address people, what exactly you can say, etc. But it’s for good reason! Wording has been perfected over the years to ensure that air of formality and that there’s no possibility of offending your guests.

Here are a few of the most common faux pas to avoid:

  • Don’t use commas or periods at the end of a line. The line breaks tend to serve as punctuation.
  • Don’t include any reference to gifts or your registry – not even in an enclosure card. Save that information for your wedding website.
  • Don’t note that your event is child free. While it’s perfectly acceptable to hold an adults-only wedding, it can be rude to specifically note that. Instead, convey who’s invited by writing their names on the inner envelope. If you’re afraid that won’t get the message across to certain families, a quick phone call expressing how sorry you are that you couldn’t invite the littles would do the trick.
  • Don’t include info about any post-wedding festivities. If you’re having an after party or morning-after brunch, note that on a separate insert or on your wedding website. Same goes for the rehearsal dinner. Use an enclosure card or communicate that info via phone or email.




Header image by Jose Villa photography