5 Gift Ideas for Engaged Couples

Engagement season has flown by in a flash! What better way to show the most important people in your life that you care than with a meaningful couple’s gift? From knowledge to relaxation, here are some gift ideas for engaged couples.

A Wedding Masterclass

I am beyond excited to have launched a ‘Plan Your Dream Wedding’ session with Masterclass and it is exactly what every engaged couple needs! In the class, I dive into the ways to engaged couples can bring their dream day to life. From logistic binders to vendors and venues, give the gift of years of wedding planning experience to the people you love most. Plus, it is especially helpful for the engaged couple in your life planning their wedding on their own.

A Wedding Organizer

Keeping up with all the documents and plans that come with wedding planning can lead to piles of loose pages strewn about. A wedding organizer is a must! Your loved ones are sure to sing praises about their wedding organizer and you can take all the credit! Here are just a few options:

The Ultimate Organizer: This planner book is a study and stunning piece that will work wonders in helping bring the perfect wedding to life. Find one here and watch as your engaged couple floats off on a stress-free cloud once they have all their wedding plans in one place.

New Wedding Organizer: This lovely three-ring binder holds everything someone would need to organize their wedding day. Each page is full of must-haves, from budgeting and rentals to florals and finer décor. Order one here to give the gift of organization and stress reduction to the newly engaged couple in your life!

Home Essentials

A wedding on the way means a step into a new life, and maybe even a new home. While there are a wide variety of home essentials to choose from, high-quality appliances are often a safe choice for gifting. However, if you know the couple well enough, home décor pieces like art, vases, or candles can be a nice meaningful touch.

Cozy Couple Candles

Bring peace and relaxation to your busy, engaged loved ones with a calming mix of scents. These “Light” and “Dark” candles make the perfect pair for any lovebirds in need of a gift. The Light candle’s touches of blackcurrant and rose were mixed to match perfectly with the smoky musk of its pair.

A Digital Picture Frame

Someone important to you is engaged and on the road to a wedding, which means it’s time to reflect on their journey. First, it’s important to personalize this gift with a curated set of photos to show. Then, find a digital picture frame that will complement the décor in the couple’s home. Have everything programmed and ready to go and watch as they reminisce after opening your gift!

The most important part of finding a gift for an engaged couple is knowing them well. Whether you’re giving a gift to help them on their path to their wedding day, or something that lets them look back on the journey, make it personal!