5 Theme Ideas for your After-Party

After-parties are a great way to give your guests and yourself a space to hang out and keep the fun going! This could mean sticking with your theme or choosing a new or adjacent one that will wow your guests. Either way, here are some theme ideas for your after-party:

Enchanted Garden

Are you hosting your wedding in an outdoor space or a beautiful garden? Take your day to the next level and create a separate enchanted space to enjoy your after-party. Set up an enchanting entrance tunnel of lush greenery, speckled with different florals in any color of your choice, and a string of soft white lights.

If you can’t host in an outdoor venue, turn a room of your indoor venue into your own enchanted garden. Cover the ceiling in beautiful hanging florals and gentle strands of lights or crystal chandeliers. Bring the whole room together with earthy centerpieces and pops of colorful florals at every turn.

Elegant Masquerade

Make all of your masquerade dreams come true by hosting your own! Personalize masks for each of your guests or provide a variety they can choose from at the entrance. These masks can even double as a special take-home gift for the people spending your big day with you.

When it comes to decorating the space, don’t go too overboard. Less is more when creating an elegant ambiance.

Tropical Paradise

If you’re going to a tropical location for a destination wedding, a tropical paradise is a great theme option for your after-party. Make use of a local beach or lush open area to set your theme. Then, decorate and accessorize. Expert Tip: Build a personal beachfront stage so you can dance the night away with the sound of the waves in the background!

Champagne and Diamonds

Are you all about the glitz and glam? Let your after-party theme speak to exactly what you love. Wow your guests with elegant glitter and glow! Start with adding satin tablecloths in soft champagne hues. Follow it up with a wow-factor: Diamonds! Give the room a luxurious atmosphere with extravagant hanging chandeliers that twinkle like diamond fountains. Change into a glorious shimmering dress to make your grand entrance because the most priceless gem of the night is you!

City Sky Lounge

What do we know about the city? It never sleeps and it lights up beautifully at night! With a city theme, the color and d├ęcor can be completely up to you, but the greatest eye-catcher is the view! If you’re choosing this theme, the most important piece is the venue. Choose a sky lounge with the view you want and the ambiance that fits your vibe. For some extra fun (and an excellent send-home gift), create a photo-op area with the skyline as the perfect backdrop.

What theme are you planning for your after-party? If none of these ideas fit your taste, or if you’re looking for some more inspiration, check out these fun ideas for a wedding after-party!



Image by KT Merry