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5 Ways to Prepare for Rain on Your Wedding Day

There is something truly magical about an outdoor wedding. Of course, rain isn’t the most desired outcome! A balmy breeze, a smattering of cloud cover, and sunshine peeking through to illuminate your vows are what dreams are made of. Though try as we may, Mother Nature cannot be perfectly planned. We can, however, with these 5 tips prepare for the potential of rain on your wedding day without sacrificing your vision.

Venue selection. One of the most obvious tips is to consider a venue with a contingency plan should inclement weather ensue. Prepare for rain on your wedding day by opting for a celebration that utilizes multiple spaces. If you’ve dreamt of an outdoor ceremony and dining under ornate ballroom chandeliers, choose your venue accordingly. If everything goes to plan, congratulations! You’ve created an event with dimension and depth that will keep your guests engaged and entertained.

Trust your wedding planner. Experienced wedding planners have seen rain. We have planned for rain. And we’ve seen our couples exuberant with joy during said rainy weddings. It is possible! Allow your planner to guide you toward making a sound decision to manage potential rain on your wedding day. Weather apps are helpful in forecasting but they are not fool-proof. Have you ever seen how quickly a summer storm can roll through the desert and leave a jaw-droppingly gorgeous sunset in its wake? Let those with experience mitigate any hesitancies you may have, offer you cause and solution, and a little emotional support while we’re at it.

Equipment on standby. One caveat about outdoor weddings is exposure to the elements. If you are planning a Spring wedding with a high probability of rain, consider planning a tented fĂȘte. We have seen clear tents with glittering lights provide the comforts of an indoor celebration while provoking the sensation of dancing under the stars. Should you opt out of initially planning the use of a tent, rental companies are ready for such contingency plans. Keep abreast of the weather forecast and secure your rainy weather tent rental sooner than later. Your venue and planner will offer you priceless guidance on the correct choice. Another option to prepare for rain on your wedding day is to have umbrellas available for guests.

Get the shot. Okay, it’s raining. Let’s roll with it and get utterly breathtaking photography that simply can’t happen without rain. Plan ahead for rain by browsing portfolios of photographers you admire (or have already booked!) to create a game plan. Secure any props you may need, like a transparent bubble umbrella or a veil that you may want to drag along a moody beach sunset. If you’re leaning into the rainy mood, be sure you have hair and makeup touch-ups on standby.

Mental preparation. While it may sound silly at first, it is important to understand and accept that the weather is something out of our hands. At the end of the day, the most important part of your wedding day is marrying your beloved partner! Every ounce of effort poured into planning comes to fruition when our couples walk down the aisle, hand in hand. Part of making that Happy-Ever-After feeling come alive is your willingness to trust your planner and embrace whatever elements may come your way!

Love is in the air and some rain may be too. No need to fret. With these tips to prepare for rain on your wedding day, you’ll be all smiles. After all, with preparedness comes success!



Image by John and Joseph Photography