6 Ideas for a Second Wedding

Second weddings are a time of celebration, just the same as a first wedding. You don’t need to feel pressured to have something smaller or bigger because this day is about you and your new life and future. Plan the wedding you want, not the one you think others want for you!

Still on the fence about what to do for your second wedding? Here are a few ideas for a second wedding to spark your creativity.

Destination Celebration

If you want a more intimate gathering of loved ones, a destination celebration is a great option. But don’t let this idea limit your wedding size; even a grand getaway is possible, if it’s what you want!

Start by picking somewhere significant to your new life and love, or even somewhere you’ve always dreamed of visiting as a couple. From there, get to planning. Make sure to try your best to set a date as early as possible in your planning so guests can plan and find a way to make it to wherever you want to go. Tip: Turn your wedding into a long weekend or week-long adventure with your closest loved ones by including excursions and activities to share in the love and fun.

Weekend Wedding Getaway

Want a “destination” wedding without the extra hassle of trying to go super far from home? A weekend getaway might be the perfect second wedding for you!

Choose a local resort or place you love that is meaningful to your newfound love, and set the dates for a fun weekend. Try including a welcome dinner and after-party day to keep your guests entertained and the joy nonstop. Or incorporate a day of relaxation before your big day to prepare everyone for the main event.

Themed Celebration

A second wedding doesn’t mean the same old thing. If anything, it is an opportunity for a brilliant day that will be the start of a new life with your love. That being said, if you have a dream theme in mind, do it!

If you’re still up in the air, a few places to start would be deciding what season you want your wedding in. From there,  consider the colors you might like and then scroll the internet for some inspiration. My Instagram would be a great place to start!

Cultural Fusion

Two lovers of different cultures coming together is an opportunity for a union that is beautifully balanced between the couple’s shared lives. In your culture, do you have specific wedding traditions that are valuable to you and your family? Incorporate them! If there are a lot, don’t be scared to make time and space for all of them.

Charity or Volunteer Event

If you aren’t looking to host an extravagant second wedding, something that could be a fulfilling alternative is a day of giving back. A charity event can be as simple as preparing a space for guests to donate rather than gifting the couple.

Family Focused

A second wedding can often mean melting two families into one, and it’s important to make space for the kids that will be sharing your new lives together. Family, both had and found, are central to your shared lives. Not sure how to include your loved ones in a special way? Here are 12 ways to include your loved ones in your wedding ceremony.

The most important thing to remember when planning your second wedding is you! A second wedding is a representation of a new start, showcasing a a new love that is beyond important to both of you. Don’t fear what others may or may not think and make this day something you will cherish forever.

Which of these ideas for a second wedding interests you? Second weddings are something I personally love planning, and I’m even planning a very special one to kick off 2024! So keep an eye out in the near future for some fresh second wedding inspiration.