Accessory Ideas for Your Bridesmaids

Hi friends! Once you’ve chosen your bridesmaid’s dresses, the job is not quite finished. Choosing the right accessories is key to unifying the look of your ‘maids.

  • Shoes – While you should dictate the color and material, do your bridesmaids a favor and let them pick their own shoes. They’ll be wearing them for so long, and some ladies are simply more comfortable with a higher heel than others. Still, don’t worry too much about the perfect color match. If at all possible, consider whether a black, metallic or other neutral shoe color might work. That way, they’ll have other occasions to wear them after the wedding.
  • Jewelry – One item of jewelry is often enough. It’s common for brides to gift their ‘maids a piece of jewelry to wear at the event. It’s a great way to say thank you while keeping things uniform. If you decide to let your gals accessorize on their own, just provide a few guidelines (e.g. wear a simple silver necklace but no earrings).
  • Wraps and Handbags – If a wrap or cover up is needed for the ceremony, it’s typically gifted by the bride. Handbags that complement the dress are another cute gift idea. But if you don’t plan on gifting them, don’t set a bunch of guidelines for handbags (they won’t be carrying them down the aisle).

Remember, there’s no need to go all out on accessories. Pick a few key items to focus on; otherwise there will simply be too much going on. Simplicity and elegance is the way to go!




Header image by Amy and Stuart Photography