Flower Girl Inspiration: Custom-Made Cuteness

Let’s face it, flower girls are undeniably cute and endearing. They are simultaneously precious and unpredictable. Their presence can bring smiles to the faces of your guests and create a delightful and engaging atmosphere before your grand entrance. Whether you choose to have a flower girl for tradition, sentimentality, or simply for the photo ops, it’s possible to customize the look (and role!) of the flower girl to fit your wedding celebration perfectly. Here is some flower girl inspiration to get you started!

All the Dreamy Dresses

Your flower girl’s attire should reflect the vibe of your wedding. If your theme is classic elegance, consider a white or ivory dress with simple detailing like lace, satin, or tulle. A dress with a full skirt and a satin sash creates a timeless look. A vintage-inspired dress with lace, pearls, and delicate embroidery could be a great choice. Consider pairing it with a small headpiece or a retro-style hair accessory.

If your day is more bohemian, a flowy dress with natural fabrics and earthy colors. Floral crowns, flower wreaths, or a simple basket of wildflowers can add to the rustic charm.

Will your flower girl be walking down a beachy aisle? Choose a lightweight, breathable dress in a soft pastel or ocean-inspired color. A simple sandal or barefoot sandals and a beachy hairstyle would complete the look. Is she skipping down a garden path? A tea-length or knee-length dress with floral accents or prints would be fitting. Consider adding a light cardigan or bolero if the weather is cooler.

If you’re opting for something a little less traditional, a tutu-style dress with layers of tulle. This can add a playful and whimsical element to her look. Or you can play around with a mix-and-match approach by combining a top and skirt in complementary colors or textures for a unique and adorable look.

Head to Fingers to Toes

If you’re having a winter wedding or you’ll be saying your ‘I Do’s’ in a cooler climate, what could be cuter than a cozy faux fur coat? A cape or shawl in a coordinating color can keep the flower girl warm and add a touch of sophistication.

Add a pop of color by layering a bright petticoat underneath the flower girl’s dress. Peekaboo color will be a delightful addition to any playful twists and twirls.

Instead of a traditional headband or tiara, a floral crown made of real or artificial flowers can give a whimsical and ethereal look. If you’re going for something more vintage, delicate lace gloves add an elegant touch.

And every flower girl appreciates ballet-inspired flats with ribbon ties. They’re charming and comfortable!

Little List of Accessories

Here’s a quick list of accessories to consider for your flower girl:

  • Personalized Jewelry: such as a necklace, bracelet with their name or a meaningful charm.
  • Wand: a small, decorative wand adorned with ribbons, flowers, or sparkles.
  • Fairy Wings: a pair of delicate fairy wings that match the color scheme can be quite enchanting
  • Flower Wand: a wand made of flowers that the flower girl can wave instead of throwing petals.
  • Headpiece Veil: a mini version of the veil attached to a headband can be a sweet and memorable accessory
  • Silk Sash: a silk sash in a complementary color can be tied around the flower girl’s waist
  • Parasol: this accessory can also offer some shade if the wedding is outdoors.

Once you’ve named the special girl who gets to proceed you down the aisle, sweeten the deal with Goldie the Handpicked Flower Girl. It’s the perfect gift to prepare your own handpicked flower girl for her big debut.



Images by John & JosephAmy & Stuart and Jose Villa