Halloween Party Food Ideas

10 Fun Halloween Party Food Ideas

Halloween is almost here! If you’re planning a monster bash for family and friends, then you’ll want to add some spooky sweets and savories to your table. Whether you use classic fall flavors or simply add a haunting twist to a party food staple, the only limit is your imagination! Not sure where to start? These Halloween party food ideas are all simple to create as well as flavorful. But best of all, they’re fun! After all, when else do you get to eat kooky and creepy foods except for Halloween!

Here are 10 fun Halloween party food ideas that are scary-good!

Ghost pretzel sticks. This fun snack is so easy and keeps well, so you’ll be able to make them ahead of time. Melt white chocolate until smooth. Then dip store-bought pretzel rods around two-thirds of the way into the chocolate, shake off the excess, and place on a parchment-lined cookie sheet. Place them in the fridge to harden. Then you can use a black edible marker or black decorating gel to add cute ghost faces.

Severed toes. This Halloween twist on pigs in a blanket has just the right amount of creepiness! Cocktail sausages serve as toes with sliced almond ‘nails’, wrapped in puff pastry ‘bandages’. Don’t forget the ketchup ‘blood’ for dipping!

Eyeball cake pops. These Halloween-themed cake pops look delightfully disgusting and will thrill adults and kids alike, but they’re actually quite easy to create. It’s as simple as making basic round cake pops dipped in white chocolate and then decorating them to look like eyeballs!

Stuffed mushroom eyeballs. For a savory take on eyeballs, these spooky apps are so easy to make! Simply stuff button mushrooms with a cheesy filling and top with a sliced pimento olive.

Baked brie mummy. A baked brie or camembert is always a hit with guests, who love dipping crackers into the gooey, cheesy goodness. Give this party snack a spooky makeover by adding puff pastry strips to look like mummy bandages and olives as eyes.

Caramel apple dip. Caramel apples are a Halloween staple but they can be a challenge to eat at a party. Instead, whip up a batch of this delicious caramel dip and serve with fresh apple slices.

Breadstick bones. Instead of plain breadsticks, turn store-bought pizza dough into cheesy bone-shaped dippers for ‘bloody’ marinara sauce. Straightforward but very yummy!

Jack o’lantern pumpkin pies. These delicious mini pumpkin and feta pies will go down a (trick or) treat with your guests. They’ll look adorable on the table too!

Monster tacos. Classic tacos can easily be turned into an on-theme party food when garnished with dollops of sour cream topped with olives to make eyes and grated cheese for hair.

Witch’s broomsticks. These adorably witchy snacks are made using string cheese, pretzel sticks, and chive ties.

Which of these Halloween party food ideas will you be making for your ghoulish get-together?