How to Choose a Personal and Memorable Holiday Gift

It’s the time of year when the gift shopping stress sets in. You may be scrolling online right now looking for something to give that will have a meaningful impact. Finding a memorable holiday gift can be challenging and the most thoughtful ideas often come from truly knowing a person. I’ve got some gift ideas to get you started, but before we get to those, here are some things to remember when looking for “the” gift.

What to Keep in Mind

Think of Their Interests: Nobody wants to receive a gift that has no connection to their interests or hobbies. The best place to start is by making a list of all of the things your gift receiver loves. Are they an outdoorsy person? Do they prefer adventures, or are they more of a homebody? What is their favorite hobby? Is there something they bring up that they’ve always wanted to do?

Incorporate Memories: Is this person someone you’ve known for a long time? One way to show them how much you care is by reminding them that your shared history is important to you. Maybe there is a place you visited together that you’d like to take them back to? It could even be something as simple as a thoughtful book of memories and moments you’ve shared that they can keep forever.

Think About Making it an Experience: Physical gifts can be both memorable and personal, but there is something very special about making new memories together. Perhaps your person is a minimalist, and you’re thinking to yourself: They have everything they need! Don’t let that discourage you! Planning an adventure or experience can be just as personal and memorable (sometimes even more so) than a physical gift.

Keep it Practical and Thoughtful:  When you’re thinking of a gift idea, try to think of something that can be used and enjoyed long-term. Thoughtful gifts can also be practical! Plus, finding something useful shows that you pay attention and you’re aware of what the gift reciever needs and likes.

A Few Gift Ideas

Bucketlist Adventure: Has the person you’re trying to find a gift for been talking about something they’ve always wanted to do? Maybe there’s a place they’ve always wanted to visit? Give them the gift of an adventure they’ve been dreaming of! If it seems right, join them and make new memories!

Engraved Barware or Glasses: For those that have curated their own personal bar or just enjoy a beautifully crafted cocktail, engraved barware is a fabulous and thoughtful gift. Choose a meaningful statement to engrave or something that sparks a special memory. Or, monogram – you can’t go wrong with a monogram! A gift like this is both useful and long-lasting!

Personalized Perfume or Cologne: Perfumes and colognes can be tricky since everyone has a preference when it comes to scents. This kind of gift requires you to know the recipient’s preferences really well so you, with the help of a perfumer, can make something they’ll love. However, if this is too much pressure, gift them the experience with a perfumer to make their own!

What thoughtful gifts do you have in mind? The most crucial part of finding a personal and memorable holiday gift is knowing the person you are gifting it to well. Keep an eye on their interests throughout the year, or start with a list of things you know they love, and work from there!