How to Plan a Wedding in 48 Hours or Less


You’ve probably heard it takes a year to plan a wedding, right? Wrong! We’ve planned weddings in a matter of days. If the entire process has you stressed or perhaps you have an ill family member or other personal reason for tying the knot quickly, have no fear, I’m here to tell you how to plan a wedding in 48 hours.

It is possible to plan a wedding in 48 hours!

First of all, congratulations on making the big decision. Now it’s time to get down to business…quickly. To start, let go of certain expectations and understand it won’t be exactly as you may have dreamt as a child. But that’s okay, it will be exactly as you want it today!

Understand that while your dreams will still come true, you want to be open to compromise. So go with the flow. With the right team in place, what’s available immediately can often times be very close to what you originally wanted.

Shrink your guest list or the expectation of attendance. A quickie wedding is a quick way to cut down your guest count. You may consider inviting fewer friends or at the very least, be understanding if not all can attend.

If you’re planning a wedding in 48 hours or less, the dress might make you stress. A traditional wedding gown can take up to nine months to receive so start shopping off the rack – stat. You may call local bridal salons to see if they have any samples for sale. Or try salons that sell directly from available stock and in-store inventory. The dress could even come from a store not known for bridal at all. A chic cocktail dress or evening gown in white (or any other color of your choosing) can be equally as beautiful in the right setting.

Be aware of your budget. Getting things done fast can be done, but often times at a premium. Florists have to order rush stock, caterers may be shopping retail if at the 11th hour, planners have to drop everything to get you down the aisle first and sometimes that means paying the difference. But if you do your homework and trust your team to rush, your event will never feel like it wasn’t planned all year.

Don’t stress over decisions.

Less time makes us more decisive. You don’t have time to review every option under the sun so don’t even start. If you find something or someone you like, book it and move on.

And don’t try to DIY everything. If you’re getting married in a matter of days, the last thing you should be worrying about are those small details that need an assembly line and lots of time to complete. Splurge and have someone else make it just right.

Take a deep breath and realize you’ll still have a touch of all your wedding day dreams, none of the stress over the next year and a weekend you certainly will never forget!



Image by Dennis Kwan