8 Important Items to Include in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Your wedding day is a beautiful whirlwind of love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. However, amidst the joy and excitement, unexpected mishaps can sometimes sneak their way in. Fear not! With a comprehensive wedding day emergency kit by your side, you’ll be equipped to handle any last-minute hiccups with grace and ease. Here are 8 important items to include in your wedding day emergency kit:

A First Aid Kit

You never know when you’ll need a Band-Aid! Include things like antiseptic wipes, pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen for headaches, and antacids for upset/anxious stomachs. Oh, and hand sanitizer!

Personal Care Items

In the rush of packing for an important day, some essentials can easily be left behind. Things like a hairbrush, comb, and hair spray are great to have on hand. Elastic bands can break; hairpins can bend. Bring extras of these important prep items.

Beauty Essentials

Makeup artists often include small samples of makeup for touch-ups throughout the day, but be sure to confirm this before the wedding day. It’s always handy to bring blotting paper, lip balm, clear nail polish (for stocking runs), a nail file, nail glue, clippers, and nail polish remover wipes.

Fashion Fixes

Speaking of stocking runs, a bride must always be prepared for fashion fixes on her wedding day. Include safety pins, fashion tape and/or double-sided tale, a stain remover pen and a lint roller in your emergency bag. A sewing kit with a needle, thread and scissors can be worth its weight in gold if any wardrobe malfunctions occur. And don’t forget an umbrella, just in case!

Hygiene Supplies

There will be many important face-to-face moments throughout your wedding day so coffee breath is an absolute no-go! Pack your breath mints or gum, an extra toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. Additionally, you’ll want to bring feminine hygiene supplies, nail clippers, and deodorant! There are some of the most important items to include in your wedding day emergency kit.

Comfort Items

Believe me when I tell you that comfortable dancing shoes are a MUST in your day-of kit. Other important items to include are snacks, a water bottle, straws (to avoid smudging lipstick), and extra tissues. Pro Tip: Hide away emergency tissues behind your bouquet, in dress pockets (if you have them), and in groomsmen’s pockets. You might not need them, but you’ll be so glad you have them, if you do. It’s also considerate to have tissues on hand for guests!

Tech Essentials

Last but certainly not least, having an extra phone charger, power cord and power bank in your emergency kit could save someone’s day.

Remember to delegate the task of carrying the emergency kit to someone trustworthy, like a bridesmaid or groomsman, so you can focus on enjoying your special day without worry. Ensure nothing stands in your way, from fashion fixes to bad breath to a grumbling tummy, by assembling the ultimate wedding day emergency kit. For more insight, check out my thoughts on essential day-of items for both bridesmaids and groomsmen!



Images by Lauren & Abby Ross and Jose Villa Photography