Late Summer Wedding Flowers

Late Summer Wedding Flowers

When it comes to planning your wedding flowers, it’s important to take seasonality into account. Especially right now, when the floral industry is still working with supply chain issues that can seriously affect cost and availability! Incorporating seasonal blooms into your bouquets and arrangements will ensure you get the best quality flowers at the best cost. It will also guarantee that your florals look fresh and appropriate for the time of year you’re getting married. For summer weddings, there are so many choices available! However, those choices shift slightly as the season progresses. Some of the florals available at the start of the summer aren’t available later on, while other options become available instead. So if you’re planning a wedding in August or September, it’s important to get familiar with late summer wedding flowers!

Read on to discover 5 of the most beautiful and versatile late summer wedding flowers.

Stargazer Lilies. While Asiatic lilies are in season during the early part of the summer, Oriental lilies come into their own later in the season. These lilies, known for their strong perfume and trumpet-shaped blooms, also have symbolic value. This is because Stargazer Lilies are traditionally associated with purity and rebirth. The large size of the flowers makes them really stand out. So you only need a few in your bouquet or arrangements to make a statement! The pink and white variety is the most popular but you can find these flowers in a range of hues, including pure white for a clean, modern look.

Zinnias. The peak season time for zinnias is in August, making them ideal late summer wedding flowers. These cheerful blooms have a high petal count and a button center and are ideal for providing a pop of color, ensuring they pair well with many other flowers. They come in a wide variety of bright and more subtle shades. For example, peach, coral, blush, fuchsia, red, yellow, and orange. They are also sturdy enough to handle heat well, which makes them ideal if late summer heatwaves are the norm in your wedding destination!

Dahlias. The dahlia is a sought-after wedding flower but not always available. Fortunately, if you’re planning a late summer wedding, August and September are when this beautiful bloom is readily available. These flowers are known for their unique shape and size, as well as their wide variety of colors. In fact, you can find dahlias in almost every shade, with the exception of green or blue. They pair beautifully with other flowers but can also stand on their own and definitely have the wow factor either way!

Cosmos. These gorgeous daisy-like flowers have a sort of delicate, ethereal quality to them that adds a touch of fine art to any arrangement. While they start blooming in June, they reach their peak in August. You can pair them with other classic summer flowers or with wildflowers, for an airy rustic feel. It’s worth noting, however, that they don’t deal well with very high temperatures. Yet another reason why they’re perfect in between summer and fall.

Lisianthus. While you’ll technically find lisianthus available year-round, their peak season is late summer. Many people confuse them with roses because of their layered look. They’re often used as filler flowers thanks to their lower price tag, but lisianthus blooms have a beauty and elegance all their own. They come in both single and double varieties, for extra petal power. The most popular shades range from creams and whites to pinks and purples.

Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that climate, weather, and other factors can factor into any growing season. Be sure to check with your florist about late summer wedding flowers in your area before you make any final decisions!