Mindy Weiss MasterClass

Let’s get Planning! Mindy Weiss’ MasterClass Session

Are you, or someone you know, in the process of planning a wedding? Check out my session on MasterClass ‘Plan Your Dream Wedding‘ and feel your stress melt away.

I took more than 30 years of wedding planning experience and combined it into this carefully put-together course to help brides and grooms around the world on their wedding planning journeys. You’ll learn everything from organizational tips to strategies that will help you plan your big day. The course is designed to be completed in a 30-day period, but you can set your own pace! Nobody will judge you for speeding through or taking it slow.

Here are a few of the steps in your planning journey the class will help you through:

  • Choosing your venue
  • Choosing your attire
  • Planning your ceremony
  • Creating a budget and guest list
  • Hiring a team and sending invitations

That is just a taste of the important wedding plans the class will help you navigate. On top of that, the class will teach you important skills that will help you prioritize your plans, pick your people, and prepare to party!

MasterClass Mindy Weiss

Prioritize Your Plans

Calculating a Realistic Wedding Budget: Go into planning knowing what your minimums and maximums are! Through this class I’ll help you navigate choosing the right “final number.”

Build Your Wedding Binder: What is a wedding binder? How will it help you keep your big day in order? I answer all of these questions and more to help your planning be as stressless as possible.

Pick Your People

Create Your Guest List Confidently: Choosing who to have on the guest list can be hard, especially if you have a limited number of seats available. Let me help!

Navigate Challenging Conversations: Wedding planning can also include some challenging conversations with friends, family, or even vendors. I have some tips to help you navigate those stressful conversations.

Prepare to Party

Craft a Ceremony That’s Uniquely Yours: The most important part of your big day is making it custom for you! Join my session on MasterClass for tips on how to make your wedding one that is unique to you.

Write Your Vows: Although vows are going to be deeply personal, it’s nice to have a starting point or pointers.

Remember, the most important part of your wedding day is you! Let your heart guide you, but also, don’t be afraid to ask for help! That’s exactly what my session on MasterClass is here for. I want to help you be confident in planning your big day. Check out my Mindy Weiss MasterClass ‘Plan Your Dream Wedding’ and let’s get started.