Spring Wedding Menu Ideas

Planning Advice


Were you planning a picture-perfect spring wedding? Have you delayed your “I do’s” to summer or perhaps saving the celebration for spring 20201?! If you had your heart set on a spring wedding, don’t be afraid to incorporate those details a little later in the season or year, if the product is still available. A spring wedding in summer could turn out to be a trend this year for all those couples who want to keep the magic of their spring wedding alive but celebrate just a little bit later! And when it comes to planning a spring wedding, the menu is one of my favorite parts!

When choosing a great wedding menu, seasonality is key. So if you’ve chosen a spring wedding date, it only makes sense that you’d want to celebrate the warmer weather by serving foods that bring the best of the season to your guests’ plates. Having a spring wedding menu will also ensure that your wedding catering matches the overall feel of your big day. Plus, there are so many delicious options and spring flavors to choose from! If you’re planning a wedding between March and May, here are some top tips to help you design the perfect spring wedding menu.

Freshness is key. Spring is the time of year when vegetable gardens start to come back to life, and fruit trees begin to bloom again. A spring wedding menu is the perfect place to showcase this bounty by incorporating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. For example, asparagus, artichokes, rainbow carrots, heirloom tomatoes, and sweet spring fruits like strawberries. Many of your guests will also be pleased to see healthy, plant-based items on the menu.

Make salads a feature. While winter and fall menus are all about warming, hearty dishes, spring is for light, flavorful options. And salads are the star of the show. Invite your caterer to get creative with flavor and color combinations, and opt for fresh herbs and mixed greens for a fresh-from-the-garden feel.

Spring lamb. Looking for a protein that really speaks to the season? Think lamb. It’s a classic spring flavor and works beautifully with the seasonal vegetables available this time of year. Nobody will miss the traditional chicken or steak with this on your spring wedding menu!

Signature spring cocktails. Why not consider a seasonal cocktail? Crisp, refreshing beverages are perfect this time of year, like Bellinis or refreshing Mojitos. Or how about a signature cocktail incorporating fresh lavender or botanical infusions?

Keep desserts light. In line with the rest of your menu, it’s a good idea to keep desserts light and airy. Floral or citrus flavors always go down well, as well as classic vanilla. Keep it bite-sized with French macarons or mini tarts made with strawberry, rhubarb or lemon.

One thing’s for certain: your spring wedding menu will have guests coming back for seconds – no matter the month!