The 5 Basics of Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Hi friends! Shopping for your own gown can be stressful enough, so shopping for dresses for several of your best gals can definitely take a toll. Once you’ve selected a dress style (or multiple styles), follow these 5 basic rules for a smoother shopping and alterations process:

  • Have everyone in your bridal party get measured – height, bust, waist and hip are the basics. Be aware that bridesmaids’ dresses tend to run one or two sizes larger than normal ready-to-wear clothing. When in doubt, order a size up. It’s much easier to take a dress in than let one out.
  • Order all the dresses at the same time and from the same store. That way the timing and dress style are all in sync.
  • Check with the store occasionally to find out the status of your order. Trust me, silly mistakes can happen so it’s best to check in.
  • Unless you’re the one taking on the entire cost, be sure to let your bridesmaids know that alterations will be an added expense. This allows them to budget early on and avoids any messy money-related surprises.
  • When you place the order, get everything in writing. This includes the style number, manufacturer, fabric, color, sizes, delivery date, deposit, balance due, cancellation policy and refund policy. No detail is too small!




Header image by Elizabeth Messina