The Art of a Thank You Note

Hi friends! A healthy dose of gratitude is so important throughout your entire wedding process. Your friends, family and all your wedding guests took the time to celebrate your love. The best way to express that gratitude? An old-fashioned thank you note.

No, an email won’t cut it and neither will anything printed. You want to take the time to write a handwritten, personalized note. Messy handwriting is totally okay! Here’s what you should cover:

  • Thank the guest for their gift and describe how you’ll use it. Be specific! If you’re not sure, a little imagination never hurts.
  • Mention how great it was to see them at the wedding. Try to personalize this part too. Compliment their outfit, talk about their stellar dance moves or mention a snippet of a conversation you had.
  • End the note with a reference to getting together in the future. Tie it back to the gift if you can (ex: can’t wait to have you over for some dessert courtesy of our new mixer!)

It’s as simple as that! The main goal is to just sound warm and personal.



Header image by Dennis Kwan