Unique Color Choices for Your Christmas Event

Have you ever begun Christmas party planning and been exhausted with the same old red and green color scheme? Step outside of the norm this year and wow your guests with a fresh concept.

Picture your guests strolling into a snowy wonderland or a rose gold forest. It’s fun new palettes like these I’ve fallen in love with while planning holiday events. Here are some fresh and unique Christmas color choices for your gathering.

Charcoal Grey and Cherry Red

Are you looking to throw a party that feels more sophisticated and mature? Charcoal grey with accents of cherry red are a combination that will make your event feel modern and elegant. Consider a room of deep charcoal curtains and textiles with red roses and candles to light the room. The touch of red will bring in the holidays without falling too far into the traditional Christmas colors.

Icy Blues and Silvers

Winter is the season of ice and snow, so blues and silvers are a great way to add to that frozen feel. Mix these colors with glittering lights for a stunning effect that will make your guests feel like they’re under a shimmering snowy night sky. I fell in love with this wintery color scheme after adding purple tones and lights to a shining ornament ceiling. Each color worked together to make the space feel like its own world.

Lavender Dreams

Although vibrant colors can get people in the holiday spirit, a soft color scheme is also a great option. Gentle lavender tones upon soft white backgrounds are a color combo that gives a lot of comfort. If you’re looking to plan a party or event that is casual and relaxing, this might be the perfect option for you. Start with a neutral and soft base color for large items like curtains and tablecloths. Then, add sweet lavender accents with flowers, napkins, and even ornaments to bring out the zen of the holiday season.

An All-White Winter Wonderland

When someone says Christmas, green and red are what immediately come to mind, but soft white snow is right up there with the seasonal tones. An all-white Christmas event is a modern and clean way to step outside of the expected holiday hues for something fresh and new. One of my favorite Christmas parties was an all-white Whoville-inspired event with everything from white tables and seating to stunning lit-up clouds hanging above. If you’re worried about the space seeming too one-dimensional, add some depth by adding texture to the environment you’re building.

Sage and Cream

If you love the greens of Christmas but aren’t quite into the heavy and deep tones, then sage is just the color for you. As one of the softer options within the scale of greens, sage pairs well with neutral cream colors. You can even add a touch of rose gold for a little extra shimmer!

What color scheme are you considering for your Christmas event? Remember: No matter what palette you choose, what matters most are the people you’re with. Check out my Instagram to see some of my favorite holiday events and for unique Christmas color choices!



Images by John and Joseph