Ways to Create Warmth with your Wedding Seating

A wedding doesn’t have to fit any “normal” standards. There’s no such thing. Maybe you’re looking for a warmer, more comfortable atmosphere for your wedding. Here are a few ways you can create warmth with your wedding seating!

Comfortable but Clean

It is nice to have a uniform seating space for your ceremony; however, hard chairs can be uncomfortable for guests, especially older guests or ones that have different accommodation needs. You can make the atmosphere more welcoming by providing comfortable seating. Place a few plusher benches between your regular chairs for a more hospitable space!

Kick Back and Dance the Night Away

Dancing the night away is often one of the best parts of a wedding! But with that much dancing, people’s feet can start to ache. Some of your guests might prefer to sit back and enjoy the dancing from a distance with a cocktail in hand. This is where seating really comes into play. Picture this! Your guests dancing their hearts out on the dance floor, surrounded by a fanciful lounge of couches and seats to kick back in. Best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice your theme because cozy seating is available in any color and many designs!

Residential and Warm

Take your wedding space and make it more welcoming and homey by adding a bit of a residential twist to your seating. With a mix of colorful and cozy couches and single-seater chairs, you can create a cozy space for your guests to recline! Remember, it doesn’t have to be anything too crazy. This space can even add to the décor and theme of your big day.

Traditional with a Twist

Traditional seating isn’t always a bad option for creating a comfortable space. Sometimes, it just takes a bit of thinking outside of the box! Consider adding soft cushions to plastic chairs or hardwood to make an extended time sitting more comfortable. Use the extra bit of comfort as a décor piece by choosing a design or color that stands out.

Whether it’s adding a touch of comfort or assembling a whole lounging area, these are just a few ways you can create warmth with your wedding seating. Now that you have seating in mind, here are some tips on another great seating debacle: The Seating Chart Dilemma.



Images by Lauren and Abby