Ways to Work Succulents into your Wedding

Would you ever consider going off the traditional floral path for your wedding? I just worked on this amazing wedding with the most stunning succulent Chuppah front and center, and it got me thinking of all of the ways to work succulents into your wedding. Here are some ideas to weave the greenery into your wedding.

Napkin Toppers

Want to go the succulent route without fully committing to the theme? Add just a splash of natural green by topping your guest’s napkins with a small succulent. This is a great way to incorporate the small plants without overdoing them. To take it even further, personalize each succulent in its own crystal or decorative pot for your guests to take home!

Potted Escort Cards

Picture your guests walking into your venue and being greeted by a wall of stunning green potted succulents. Whether you have designs on the pots or hang tags on each, these can serve as an escort card for guests to find their table. Plus, everyone will have a lasting memory to take home of your big day.

Aisle Decor

Floral runners and candles are a great traditional route for any wedding aisle, but succulents could be the perfect addition to your decor if you want to lean off the traditional path. If you want a rustic feel to your wedding, succulents are a great alternative to floral decor. Tip! Change up the heights of your succulent pots to make the space more dynamic.

Succulent Bouquet

I love a lush floral bouquet, but if you want to work succulents into your wedding in a fun, unique way, try changing up your bouquet. You might think it will be all green and lacking variety, but that isn’t true! Succulents come in various colors, from greens to multiple purple tones, but if you’re not thrilled with an all-succulent bouquet, mix them into your florals.

Cake Decor

Are you in love with succulents and want a cake that fits you? While a conventional floral tiered cake never fails, it might not be the look for your day. Stepping away from the conventional look is a great way to work succulents into your wedding without them becoming overwhelming! Picture a brilliant tiered cake with succulents of all sizes and tones weaving their way down each tier, much like florals would.

Where would you weave succulents into your wedding? Remember, you don’t always need to double down too much because less is often more!



Images by Lauren and Abby.