Wedding Lighting: Why It’s So Important

Whether it’s chandeliers or floor candles, wedding lighting is important! Let me break down the importance of lighting with a few fun ideas for your big day.

Why is Lighting Important?

Lighting can make or break the vibe of the day. Imagine setting up a glimmering, gorgeous space only for warm lighting to dim the vibrancy.

Even beyond the ambiance, your lighting is an important part of the décor, as the vibrancy of the light draws the eye. You don’t want guests walking into a fully decked-out dream space only to find basic floor lamps lighting the room. Use lighting as an extension of the décor and as a way to make other décor pop!

Unique Lighting Ideas

Clean and Geometric: Are you seeking a more modern and minimalistic theme? Geometric hanging lamps made of simple metal structures with a centered bulb are a clean and perfect modern lighting option.

Extravagant Chandeliers: If your chosen space allows it, chandeliers are fabulous for a stunning and fanciful look. Think outside the box when it comes to choosing the right chandelier! Check out this jaw-dropping venue of hanging crystal chandeliers for some inspiration!

Paper Lanterns: Have an outdoor space you want to brighten up but don’t want to take the traditional fairy lights route? Paper lanterns can bring that soft glow to your outdoor space and even add to your theme! Opt for all white or vibrant colors. Or make them even more special by having them painted by hand.

Make it a Mix: Lighting doesn’t always have to come in one shape or size! Sometimes a mixture of multiple elements will make your space stand out. For example, tented weddings often require a collection of lighting options to illuminate the space evenly.

Consider Your Space

Lighting possibilities will differ depending on the space you are in and what you have to work with! Perhaps you can hang heavy crystal chandeliers in your indoor ceremony space, but once you step outside to an outdoor dance floor, you’ll have to get creative with your options.

It’s also important to get to know your venue! If possible, visit the space in the daylight and at night to gauge how much artificial light you need to make the space glow.

Wedding lighting is important, so don’t overlook it as you plan your big day! Check out some of the ways I’ve illuminated events over the years on my Instagram.



Images by KT Merry and Amy & Stuart