Wedding Videography: 5 Key Decisions

Hi friends! Wedding videos have come a long way. Gone are the days of grainy picture quality, bad sound and uneven lighting. These days, wedding videos are an elegant way to capture the story of your wedding.

If you’ve decided to have a videographer at your wedding, that’s only the first step. There are a few other important decisions you should start thinking about:

  • Number of cameras – One camera can certainly do the job, but having two can add some dimension to your video with multiple angles. This is a particularly great for the ceremony so you can capture guest reactions in addition to bride and groom. It’s also helps things run smoother if the bride and groom are getting ready at different locations and you want footage of both.
  • Interviews – These are those “man-on-the-street” type comments from your guests about you as a couple. Some people love these, while others find them awkward. If this is something you want to incorporate, let your videographer know if they should pull guests randomly or if you’ll be providing a list of names and table numbers.
  • Number of videos – There are so many video options. You can have a short version, a long version, a ten-minute video of your love story to show at the rehearsal dinner, a same-day teaser, and so much more. Discuss options and prices with your videographer.
  • Amount of video coverage – A lot of this will depend on your budget. Do you want your rehearsal dinner filmed? The getting-ready process on the day of? If you’re trying to cut costs, you can have the videographer start at the ceremony and leave 30 minutes after the cake cutting. If you have the budget, have him stay until the end – which can lead to some of the best footage.
  • Drones – Yes, this is a real thing now! More and more videographers are using drones to get cinematic overhead shots of outdoor locations. If this is something you’re into, make sure you’re videographer has experience with drones. The last thing you want is an unfortunate crash during the ceremony. One note: several hotels and venues don’t allow drones for privacy reasons. Be sure to check with your venue before signing a contract for a drone.




Header image by Simone Photography