5 Important Tips for Planning a Second Wedding

Planning a second wedding can seem like a daunting experience, but I will always be the first to say it is nothing to be worried about. Your new love is special and it’s important to celebrate the way you want! So I’m here to lessen that stress a bit with these important tips for planning a second wedding.

Personalize the Ceremony

Make sure your ceremony reflects everything that is special and personal about your newfound love. This day is about you and everything that brought you together and you’re going to want to honor that!

Something small I always find touching is a photo collage, or hanging photo walk, comprised of the photos of your love story in order. This could be something you include at the entry for every guest to enjoy or even as a beautiful aisle to reminisce as you walk toward the moment of “I do”.

It can be Big or Small

There is no limit on the size of a second wedding simply because it is a second wedding. This is your day; let yourself plan it exactly as your heart desires.

Whether it’s an intimate destination wedding with just your closest friends and family, or an extravagant gathering of everyone you know, that is up to you! There is no shame in having a big second wedding, the same way it is entirely okay to keep your ceremony smaller.

Traditional or Casual

Gown or no gown? It’s up to you!

A wedding doesn’t have to be traditional to make memories that will last forever. In fact, some of my favorite weddings to plan go beyond traditional expectations. If you want to have a dressed-down event on a stunning tropical beach or simply in your backyard, that’s your prerogative.

Make Space for Family

Family, especially kids, are an important part of second weddings, and making space for them to be a part of the big day is essential. It can be as simple as including your kids as ring bearers and flower girls. But you can also include them in the stages of planning and some of the wedding day decisions.

Here are 5 ways to honor your kids at your wedding if you need some ideas!

Honor Your Past

It is okay, and even recommended, to honor the past that brought you to your big day. Whether it is a spouse that passed, or family that can no longer be present, make space for them as you see fit.

This can be as simple as a table space of old photos in memoriam or empty seats with photos of your loved ones that got you to this moment. Maybe incorporate time for a short speech or a moment of silence. Try to honor your past in a way that feels right to you.

Enjoy the moment! What matters most is your comfort and planning a second wedding that feels right to you. Which of these tips for planning a second wedding were helpful?