3 Fresh Ideas to Make a Classic Green and White Wedding Palette Pop

There’s no doubt that a green and white wedding palette is a timeless classic. Trends come and go, but this is a color combo that never goes out of fashion. There are many reasons for this, including green’s versatility and wide variety of shades. Green and white look amazing no matter the season, from lush summer displays to festive florals for a winter event. Green pairs well with white on its own or with other shades as an accent. And, of course, green is the color of nature, so it always has a fresh, organic feel. Whatever your style or setting, a green and white wedding palette is a design choice that will stand the test of time.

Over the past few years, green has been growing in popularity even more, thanks to the tropical wedding décor trend. Green is also having another moment in fashion, with deep, bright greens and emeralds all over the runways. These same greens are translating into a trend for 2023 weddings, along with softer, more ethereal sage hues. But how can you make your classic green and white wedding palette fresh and unique? Here are 3 on-trend ideas that really pop.

Green wedding attire. Color wedding dresses are nothing new. Over the past decade, there has been a rising  number of fashion-forward brides wearing color. For example, shades of blush, peach, gray, blue, and lilac, as well as beautiful prints and patterns. But a green wedding dress still stands out as being a bold choice. Opt for a sophisticated emerald green in either a solid design or combined with embroidery and embellishment and you’ll have a jaw-dropping reveal moment at the top of the aisle. Green (especially emerald or moss green) is also a great color for grooms who don’t want to wear black or gray. To really make your attire pop, dress your bridal party in whites and neutrals.

Petite bouquets. Sometimes less is definitely more! Subtle elegance can make a big statement. For the past few years, brides have been loving statement bouquets with long trails of greenery or wild, organic shapes, and textures. But for 2023, petite bouquets are very much in vogue. While this isn’t exclusively a green and white floral trend, the most classic option for a small bouquet is Lily of the Valley. It has been carried by some of the most stylish brides in history, including Kate Middleton, Grace Kelly, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, and Audrey Hepburn (in her role in Funny Face). Going understated for your bouquet also doesn’t mean you have to be minimalist with the rest of your wedding flowers. In fact, choosing lavish green and white floral displays for your ceremony and reception will make your choice of bouquet stand out even more.

Live houseplant décor. We know just how much millennials as a generation love houseplants. So it’s no surprise that this home décor trend has made its way into weddings as well. The best part is that live plants are a more sustainable choice than cut flowers, ensuring your wedding is green in more ways than one.

Of course, there are lots of other creative ways to make your green and white wedding palette look modern, including unique fabric patterns or china for your table. But whatever details you choose, you really can’t go wrong with this combination!