Sip and Celebrate: Ideas for an Oktoberfest-Themed Birthday Party

Oktoberfest is known for its lively atmosphere that annually draws millions to the event. If you’re planning an Oktoberfest birthday, there are tons of ways to impress your guests and have an amazing day! Here are a few ideas to help you build an Oktoberfest-themed birthday party:

Venue and Decor

Build a Beer Garden: Outdoor is the way to go if you can! Find your space; all you need from there are classic wooden benches and tables with an umbrella here or there for shade. If you plan to enjoy your personal Oktoberfest into the later hours of the night, hang some between the trees or from post to post if there aren’t any trees at your venue.

A Bavarian Touch: Blue and white is what you’re looking for when it comes to representing the Bavarian origination of Oktoberfest. Whether it’s mixing small Bavarian flags into your centerpieces or placing umbrellas in the color combo, blue and white touches are the way to go.

Food and Drinks

Curate a Beer Selection: Create a taster set of beers for everyone to enjoy, and make sure to mix in a variety of German ones to fit the theme. Add to the look even more by having each beer in its own mini taster-sized stein.

Keep it Traditional: There are two go-to dishes that will tie your theme together: sausages and soft pretzels. Your selection of sausages can range from bratwurst and currywurst to other German fest foods. As for the soft pretzels, go big or go home, and of course, don’t forget the cheese dip and mustard!

Sides and More Sides:  For an authentic touch, sides like sauerkraut and red cabbage are a fantastic option. Allow your guests and yourself even more variety with a charcuterie board of German cheeses, cured meats, and pickles.

Activities and Fun

Masskrugstemmen: This sport is a group event that will test the strength of your partygoers. The rules are simple, but the game isn’t as easy as it might sound. Line everyone up and hand each “player” a full 1-liter stein. From there, the name of the game is to hold your arm parallel to the floor and see who can bear the weight and outlast everyone.

Stein Pong: With a theme like Oktoberfest, what better activity than beer pong? Plain old red solo cups won’t do if you want to go all out, so instead, swap out those classic cups for Oktoberfest-friendly steins!

Stein Race: This activity is both active and laugh-inducing. Once again, you’ll need a collection of steins, but this time, make sure they’re filled to the brim! Set out a small course and send your runners off on a race while holding their full stein out. By the end, see whose stein survived with the most beer left, and that will decide your winner.

Which of these ideas will you incorporate in your Oktoberfest-themed birthday party? Not sure about an Oktoberfest theme, here are some creative birthday party ideas for adults. Most importantly, make sure to have fun and enjoy the company of your close friends and family!