Top 2024 Wedding Color Ideas

The new year is coming up fast, which means the 2024 wedding color trends are in! If there’s one thing to say about what’s fresh and new, it’s color. I’m already beyond excited for what next year will bring. If you haven’t picked your palette, or you’re shopping around for ideas, here are the top 2024 wedding colors to keep an eye on.

Colorful Is In 

You will surely see stunning and vibrant colors in next year’s wedding season. A colorful palette is a great way to bring your personality to your big day. Plus, the artsy divergence from the traditional wedding makes for a one-of-a-kind event.

Don’t let the idea of too many colors scare you! But also know that colorful doesn’t have to mean every color under the sun. If you want something more subtle, start with a neutral base and add a splash of vibrancy here and there.

Let Nature Inspire You

If the aim of your theme is vibrant color, perhaps you’ll fall in love with a palette inspired by a mixture of wildflowers or even a warm summer sunset. I can picture the waves crashing as a beautiful bride strolls the aisle. In her hand, a bouquet of sunset-inspired flowers of deep reds and oranges.

Going Green 

Couples are going green. Not only in an eco-friendly sense, but also in their color palettes! Elegant green weddings are some of my favorites to design and this theme always provides a unique opportunity to include some brilliant lush greenery.

Whether you work the color into your theme, like a mystical secret garden, or in your décor, it is a palette that stuns with its simplicity.

Seasonal Palettes

No matter the wedding season, there is always a color palette to match the time of year. I can’t even begin to express how breathtaking a fall wedding filled with deep reds and oranges can be. For inspiration, check out some of my ideas for fall, winter, spring and summer.

Minimalistic Elegance 

Neutral colors, like greys or whites, are a great way to set the stage for pops of any color on your wedding day. From there, it’s whatever your heart desires. You can choose a more eye-catching look with an energetic accent color like orange, pink or blue. Or stay with a more traditional look by keeping the same base color but toning it down. Think: blush, baby blue or sage.

Pink is Popular

From vibrant Barbie pink to a more subtle blush, pink is in! While bright pink can wow, I absolutely love incorporating pale pink into wedding décor. If you’re looking for some pale pink inspiration, here are some ways to weave pale pink into your big day.

You can make any color work! Go with what your heart desires, but if you need inspiration, maybe one of these 2024 wedding color ideas will stick with you.



Images by Amy & Stuart and John & Joseph